Crop Circle Tours 2018

2018 Stonehenge & Crop Circle Tours

It is a mystically wonderful experience to see the sun set over the stones and feel the magic of this ancient place.


    • Wednesday 1st August Crop Circle Tour which has an optional extra of flying over the circles.

This is an incredible way of seeing circles in all their majesty from the air, together with the surrounding countryside, which depending on where the circles are, might include flying over the famous stone complex at Avebury and the sacred Silbury Hill, the largest man-made hill in Europe. 

I also take a few private tours at different dates as requested.


Stonehenge Tunnel Proposal

The traffic problem on the A303 passing the World Heritage site of Stonehenge has long been has long been an intense and controversial subject. For car users going west this is deemed to be in need of an urgent and much delayed solution traffic can build up to such an extent that it stretches back several miles in both directions.
For Archaeologists however the idea of a tunnel or bypass is of quite a different magnitude in light of the possible destruction of existing ancient sites, together with as many as yet undiscovered finds. There is no doubt that the whole area was far more populated and in greater use than is commonly known and any possible harm would be of great and unrepairable permanent damage.
The area in question at present consists of the triangulation of Stonehenge, Durrington Walls and Woodhenge extending to Normanton Down. However until further investigation is conducted this may spread to an even greater area needing protection?
This issue is vexed and seemingly without a solution that will appease both sides.
If the proposed tunnel, agreed by English Heritage, goes ahead, Stonehenge will no longer be visible driving west or returning east. For such a sight to be lost to view is one of the concerns of many. Should you feel strongly about this please visit
If you click on this link you will find images, plans and maps of the tunnel proposal.

Helicopter Flights

If anyone would like to come with me on a helicopter flight and share the costs, please get in touch. It is the experience of a lifetime and a fantastic way of seeing not just the circles but also the wonderful countryside and often archaeological sites. These flights are available all through the summer.

Hackpen, Wiltshire 23 June 2016. Wheat. c. 110 feet (33.5m). A complex circle containing a marine medley.