Autumn Colours

Now is the time of year for wondrous autumn colours and roasted chestnuts and snuggling up in front of the fires as the days draw in. Many people find this time of year depressing but I think I must be lucky, as to me, it has a beauty and quality all of its own. It is time of putting the garden to bed, of putting on extra clothes and for shuffling with and kicking up the leaves as one walks along. For seeing the sun glinting through the golden leaves in a splendid firework display of glorious colour. For watching the birds come to the feeders and delicately picking up each seed before flying away and then returning for more.

And for the short time the berries are on the trees before the birds have their annual feast.

Early one morning I took a silhouette picture of a pigeon sitting in a nearby tree gazing maybe in contemplation towards the rising sun.

About a week ago, I visited a wonderful place called the Winkworth Arboretum, Near Godalming in Surrey not too far from where I live. It started off as being a glorious sunny Sunday morning but sadly the clouds soon appeared so any good photography of the amazing selection of wondrous autumn colours and the lake soon faded and any hopes of stunning pictures were dashed. However I did manage to get a couple of pictures of glorious acers both in soft focus due to a strong wind.

As I write this I am also reminded of Christmas presents. I try and buy mine over the period of the year as if I see anything that might be just exactly what someone might like, I buy it then and there; but there are always the difficult ones and so may I suggest you take a good look at all my unique goods which can suit nearly all ages; most especially my wonderful 2018 Crop Circle calendar with a thought provoking quotations for each month and containing stunning pictures of this year’s best circles. It is selling very fast as always.

I will write again next month to give you more news.

With love and best wishes