Popham, Hampshire

This is just a quick blog to keep you up to date with the new circles before we send out a general letter. Andy Potter who looks after my web site is home again but has 700 emails to wade through!
I flew over the Popham circle on a wonderful summer’s evening. The air was still and the light at that time of day has a wonderful soft quality.
There was no one in the circle as most people seem to congregate in Wiltshire and so Hampshire is relatively quiet and unvisited and the circles remain in good condition for much longer.
Best wishes


Book Publisher Correction

I am so grateful to you all for trying to get in touch with my publisher to request a restocking/printing of my wonderful coffee table book, Crop Circles, Art in the Landscape which is full of marvellous photographs.

Unfortunately I gave you the wrong address ( I missed out a .) so nowI am sending the correct one.

Art in the Landscape

Please, please could you drop them a line as I understand that it would be the only crop cricle coffee table book available and it is too beautiful to be allowed to go out of print. The email address is: shin.su@quartouk.com.  Very many thanks  Lucy


Wonderful D-Day crop formation in Hampshire

Gypsy Lane crop circleA wonderful formation has appeared in Hampshire about 20 minutes from where I live. It appeared on D-Day, June 6th and several people deciphered a poignant message in Morse code contained within the spiraled circle. `NO MORE WAR`. How beautiful that a crop circle should pay tribute to the many people from so many nations who lost their lives in order to give freedom to others.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.  
Robert Laurence Binyon

I need to ask your help to keep me flying this summer so that I can continue to bring pictures to the world. Sadly the prices have gone up this year which has made flying even more expensive than before. Please could you help me if you possibly can.

Just a quick reminder to keep checking back here on my blog for new photos and updates between the 11th – 22nd June, as my webmaster is away during that time and I will be posting new photos here.

Best wishes



Crop circle at Hodd Hill Dorset plus news

Dear All

Summer is officially here as of the 1st June and as if to herald in this season, on Sunday 1st June a lovely formation was found by a walker when at the top of Hodd Hill, one of the many wonderful iron age hill forts in Dorset.

Dorset is one of foremost counties having a wondrous collection of these ancient structures. They are all of huge archaeological importance. Maiden Hill is the most famous and certainly one of the largest and Hodd Hill one of the smallest lying adjacent to the magnificent Hambledon Hill. It is one of the most strongly fortified of all the Dorset forts, dating back to Neolithic times. Archaeological evidence shows that the site was used by a Roman legion of around 600 foot soldiers and a cavalry unit of 250.

Hod Hill, Iron age hill fort and Roman camp, Blackmore Vale, Blandford Forum, Dorset, England

Many years ago when flying with an old and now sadly departed friend, David Russell, we flew over all these hill forts. David has flown in Burma as an intrepid fighter pilot during the last world war and flew his microlite in a similar manner!   He was also a renowned dowser. We had many happy days in the crop circles as well as taking to the air.  

Hod-Hill-dst19B-copy-(1)The crop circle was nestling shyly below Hodd Hill in a field of barley and could only be spotted when the sun was shining on it in just the right light. It contains a mixture of science and spirituality having a strong geometric element of squaring the circle and Pi, but with a labyrinth in the centre. As you all may know, I am fascinated by labyrinths; the messages, meanings, teachings and sacredness contained within them dwell happily within my psyche. To have a labyrinth in the centre speaks to me of the unquenchable divine flame that dwells within our inner being, our soul. The labyrinth lies within the double squares who act as its guardians and the whole encompassed overall by the eternal circle. What a wonderful start to June!


Another reason for writing to you is to notify you that Andy Potter who looks after my web site, is going on the rigorous Vipassana Meditation course starting on Wednesday 11th – Sunday 22nd June. During that period if I have new crop circles pictures, I will send out a Blog, so please keep checking.

Also there still a few spaces left for my crop circle tours, so please book as soon as you can if you would like to join me. We have a wonderful day and the optional extra of flying in the evening over the fields to see the circles in all their majesty is the icing on the cake.  

One last thing I would like to mention; my book Crop Circles, Art in the Landscape is now out of stock with the publishers and they are debating whether to do a further printing.  This is very worrying as it is an exceptional book which was widely acclaimed worldwide. If you feel it should be restocked and printed please could you write to

shinsu@quartouk.com for the attention of Shin.

Best wishes


First crop circles 2014 and new interview

This interview with International Times talks about the old days and how different things were then in the fields.

As promised I said I would let you know about the latest crop circles. We have had 2 so far, one in wiltshire and the other in Dorset. Please check out my web site for pictures.

Earlier this week my elder son who lives in Sydney and his partner came to stay and we had as wonderful time visiting ancient 12 and 13th century Shepherd’s churches tucked away out of sight in the fields of West Sussex and still used on rare occasions. We went to Diddling, East, Up and North Marden churches. The peace in Up Marden church personified the quotation `Peace beyond all understanding`.

St CrossThe next day we visited one of my most favourite places, the almshouse at St Cross just outside Winchester. It is considered to be the oldest almshouse in England and was built in the 12 century by Henri Du Blois, grandson of William the Conqueror. It is constructed on the scale of the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. When you buy your entry tickets at the Porter’s lodge, St Cross still continue the tradition of the Wayfarer’s Dole. This entails giving a piece of bread and a cup of ale to all travellers who visit St Cross and who ask for it. In the old days the travellers often had no money and no food and so the word `dole` originates from this custom!   St Cross is now the home to 25 brethren, men who have fallen on bad times who live in the charming little alms houses.

Living where I do, I am so very fortunate to be surrounded by so many of theses wonderful ancient and sacred places.

I hope the circles will give us a wonderful summer’s enjoyment. Please keep checking my web site for updates.

Best wishes


Waden Hill And Stanton St Bernard Crop Formations

Dear All

After a slow start, the season seems to getting into another gear with 14 formations arriving in June and one on the 1 July.

We seem to have been battling with the elements; sunny one day and almost back to winter temperatures with rain the next.

Two new formations are now up on my web site. We are grateful that the farmer has put up an honesty box for the one that appeared on the 29 June at Stanton St Bernard. This formation has been likened to church spires; Winchester Cathedral has been suggested|?

The second formation was at Waden  Hill with the ancient mound of Silbury Hill in the background. The largest man made mound in Europe, it can be compared in size to the pyramids, and dates to 2400BC.

The crop circle appeared on the 1st of July and consists of a triangle containing a floral pattern. There are many interpretations relating to the meaning of a triangle; thought in Christian culture to represent the Divine Trinity; the Greeks, saw it the delta glyph with the hypotenuse being symbolic of a doorway giving access to other dimensions and level of consciousness.

You can view the new formations here

Sadly helicopter flights are exorbitantly expensive and in order to keep in the air and continue with my important research please could give as generously as possible. Very many thanks to everyone who has contributed to date. I am enormously grateful to you.

Donations can be made on my home page.

With best wishes


New Crop Circles At Woodborough Hill, Wiltshire

This `Sun Fish` formation made a just a brief and tantalising appearance in the fields. Woodborough HillDiscovered yesterday, Saturday 9 June in wheat, it lay south of Woodborough Hill, Wiltshire, only to be harvested out this morning.

I was lucky enough to capture it before it vanished. Sad as it may seem we need to remind ourselves that the fields are not open playing grounds but are the livelihood of the farmers on privately owned land. Some farmers put up Honesty boxes which is a great way forward and much appreciated. I believe everyone is happy to make contributions to make up for the loss of crop.


New Crop Circle Photo’s – Manton Drove, Wiltshire

New crop circle photo’s of the Manton Drove formation have been posted on my website and can be viewed at http://lucypringle.co.uk/photos/2012/jun.shtml

I would like to thank everyone who has so very generously donated towards my helicopter flying expenses. You do not know how much your kindness is appreciated. But please don’t forget about me as I still need to raise more in order to stay in the air and I will send you the images just as soon as I fly. so At the moment we are being hit with tremendous gales and rain but soon the sun will come again and the summer will start.

with best wishes to you all Lucy

New Crop Circle Photos And Update From Lucy Pringle May 2011

I have had many emails from people wondering why so little is happening in the fields so far. Maybe it is because it is still early days in the season or maybe it is because there seems to be an overall general feeling of stillness as so often happens before a great event?

I believe I am not the only one who is experiencing this sense of waiting (Not necessarily for crop circles only!).  Whatever the reason this to me is a precious moment giving me the opportunity to contemplate and rejoice in whatever we are given whilst the outside world seems to be hurtling around us at breakneck speed.

To find a place or time of stillness is a blessed gift. To find our own reality in a world of unreality, to treasure the true values of friendship and purpose of where we are going and how we are all part of each other all the world over.

On a more mundane note, the fields are in desperate need of rain and the farmers are naturally concerned for their crops; the barley is with us but not a tall as usual and the wheat is also slow in growth.

There are 2 places available on the July 28 crop circle and Stonehenge private entry tour due to a cancellation. Also that there are 6 places still available for the private entry to Stonehenge on the 28th July.  These places tend to go very fast so please get in touch with me as soon as possible if you would like to come with me on either of these outings.

My new 2012 Crop Circle Calendar is now available on my website here!

New crop circle photos have been posted on 26th May 2011 and can be viewed here

Bless You All