Crop circle at Hodd Hill Dorset plus news

Dear All

Summer is officially here as of the 1st June and as if to herald in this season, on Sunday 1st June a lovely formation was found by a walker when at the top of Hodd Hill, one of the many wonderful iron age hill forts in Dorset.

Dorset is one of foremost counties having a wondrous collection of these ancient structures. They are all of huge archaeological importance. Maiden Hill is the most famous and certainly one of the largest and Hodd Hill one of the smallest lying adjacent to the magnificent Hambledon Hill. It is one of the most strongly fortified of all the Dorset forts, dating back to Neolithic times. Archaeological evidence shows that the site was used by a Roman legion of around 600 foot soldiers and a cavalry unit of 250.

Hod Hill, Iron age hill fort and Roman camp, Blackmore Vale, Blandford Forum, Dorset, England

Many years ago when flying with an old and now sadly departed friend, David Russell, we flew over all these hill forts. David has flown in Burma as an intrepid fighter pilot during the last world war and flew his microlite in a similar manner!   He was also a renowned dowser. We had many happy days in the crop circles as well as taking to the air.  

Hod-Hill-dst19B-copy-(1)The crop circle was nestling shyly below Hodd Hill in a field of barley and could only be spotted when the sun was shining on it in just the right light. It contains a mixture of science and spirituality having a strong geometric element of squaring the circle and Pi, but with a labyrinth in the centre. As you all may know, I am fascinated by labyrinths; the messages, meanings, teachings and sacredness contained within them dwell happily within my psyche. To have a labyrinth in the centre speaks to me of the unquenchable divine flame that dwells within our inner being, our soul. The labyrinth lies within the double squares who act as its guardians and the whole encompassed overall by the eternal circle. What a wonderful start to June!


Another reason for writing to you is to notify you that Andy Potter who looks after my web site, is going on the rigorous Vipassana Meditation course starting on Wednesday 11th – Sunday 22nd June. During that period if I have new crop circles pictures, I will send out a Blog, so please keep checking.

Also there still a few spaces left for my crop circle tours, so please book as soon as you can if you would like to join me. We have a wonderful day and the optional extra of flying in the evening over the fields to see the circles in all their majesty is the icing on the cake.  

One last thing I would like to mention; my book Crop Circles, Art in the Landscape is now out of stock with the publishers and they are debating whether to do a further printing.  This is very worrying as it is an exceptional book which was widely acclaimed worldwide. If you feel it should be restocked and printed please could you write to for the attention of Shin.

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