Crop Circles 2017 ~ July

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Lucy is one of the world's leading crop circle photographers. Hers are among the best photographs available portraying the enigmatic crop circle mystery. Her photographs have been used in books, magazines and television programs throughout the world. She is also a leading researcher, author and lecturer on the subject.

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Borham Woods, Lockeridge, Nr Marlborough, Wiltshire. 1st July 2017. Wheat. c.110 feet (33.5m) diameter.
Double ringed circle containing seven interlocking petals surrounding a cube motif.

Battlesbury Hill, Near Warminster, Wiltshire. 5th July 2017. Barley. c.200 x 200 feet (61x61m).
A Shield Knot (Four Corners) or Quaternary Knot with a central circle.


Hackpen, Wiltshire. 8 July 2017. Wheat. c.100 feet(30.5 m) diameter. A complex circle containing a six pointed star with central six-bladed rotor. On the inner edge of the circle sit six semi-circles.

Cley Hill. Nr Warminster. Wiltshire. 18 July 2017.  In excess of 300 foot (92m) overall diameter. Barley. A complex formation of scalloped edges with two arcs containing semi circles at either side of the each scalloped apex.  A central cube has 12 radiating triangles .