Crop Circle Calendar 2015

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  1. Robyn T

    Just received your Crop Circle Calendar. It is most excellent and far superior to what I was expecting. Beautiful photos plus pictures, yes, but the supplementary photos plus the quotes are most uplifting, and complete a sublime piece of work. Thank you so very much for not only putting this beautiful work of art together, but also for the years of dedication and sharing your findings with us lay people.

  2. c

    Many thanks once again for the lovely crop circle pictures. My sister will treasure them.

  3. Jenny C

    I really like your beautiful calendars. Thank you for all the trouble you take.

  4. lo

    Please could I order another of your beautiful calendars.

  5. rm

    Gift for my mother, as every year. Thanks!

  6. ac

    Today I received the calendar and I’m so glad for that, I thank you very very much and next year I will order another one for 2016, and so on.

  7. sg

    From Amazon sale: ‘I have purchased this calendar for the last 4 years. In the past I purchased through Whitley Strieber’s website, and he is the reason I started to purchase from his recommendation. His link this year brought me to Amazon, which doesn’t surprise me since he has his own Amazon author page! The photos of the crop circles are amazing and occasionally I really connect with one for some unknown reason. I hang mine on the refrigerator and we use it for all the family appointments. It is worth every penny. It is beautiful.’

  8. sg

    From Amazon sale: It is a beautiful calendar – one of the best ones I have ever owned. Strongly recommended.

  9. sg

    From Amazon sale: I buy this every year. Whitley Striker’s (Whitley Strieber’s) site is the best place to get information, you get nowhere else. These calenders are wonderful. Heavy paper stock. Best price.

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