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Lucy Pringle July 13th 2015 Lifting the Veil Soundart Radio 102.5fm

Abbie Dent & Martyn Hicks interview Lucy Pringle.
Lucy is a Founder member of the Centre for Crop Circle Studies. She is widely known and is an international authority on the subject and the pioneer researcher into the effects of electromagnetic fields on living systems. This includes the physiological and psychological effects reported by people after visiting or being in the vicinity of a crop formation. Also animal behaviour, remote effects, luminosities, mechanical failures and audio effects. Her research shows measured changes in the human hormones following short exposure to the circles, also changes in brain activity.
Recent research in NIR (Near Infra Red) revealed a marked increase in the protein content in grain taken from inside a crop formation. She works with scientists from all over the world.

Lucy Pringle was interviewed by Claire Palmer of the International Times on April 6th 2014.

International Times

 My latest interview with Holistic Advocate published 2nd April 2013

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Lucy Pringle's interview with Tarek Al-Ubaidi of CropFm on 14th January 2011.
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Lucy Pringle interviewed by Dr Kashonia Carnegie of on August 6th, 2010. 

Kashonia Carnegie

Interview with Lilou Macé

This is the kind of documentary that changes the way we see the world around us. It takes you deeper into the mystery of the crop circle phenomenon than any film has done before. Gorgeous and full of wonder, "What On Earth?" has been hailed as the best crop circle film ever made.

The movie now is available on DVD!